13.10.11 by Gurit
10 Years gurit.net

On 13.10.2001, which is exactly 10 years ago, I decided to register the gurit.net domain, according to my nickname :-)

01.01.10 by Gurit
Life goes on ...

But still other priorities ...

01.01.07 by Gurit
Website in general

Because I am involved in many projects, there is a lot of work to do. So I did not have time to write news or publish content on my website - sorry.
The most projects in which I am currently involved have their own webseite ...

Equipment rental:
If you are interested in the Gurit Networks equipment rental service for network-, power- and server-equipment etc. (especially for LAN-Event needs) please contact me by e-mail.

http://www.slanp.ch - The swissLANparty (Two events per year, normally at the easter weekend and at any time in late autumn)
http://www.final-days.ch - FINAL-days LAN-Party Events (One event per year, normally between Xmas and New-Year)

http://www.soh.ch - SoH.ch eSport Team (A big swiss multigaming team)
http://www.dell-esports-arena.ch - The Dell eSports Arena (An eSport training center and meeting point for gamers in Zürich)

http://www.2am.ch - 2am.ch Web-Services (Providing services like Webspace, Mail-, Voice-, Game-Servers, VPN, V-Hosts and many more on our root servers)
And some other (more offline or hardware based) projects without a website ...

If you have some questions, feel free to contact me...